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At the Grover Law Firm our years of experience working with small businesses and the knowledge we’ve gained working for Fortune 500 companies can help your business, whether you’re just getting started or are ready for expansion.

Business Formation or Starting a Business 

Hiring a business attorney is crucial to starting a successful business. The Grover Law Firm will help from the planning stage of your business by evaluating the potential liability associated with your particular business and help structure your business as a corporation or limited liability company to protect you from any potential personal liability.


A lawyer can help you craft a contract specific to your situation, and we have the experience to predict potential problem areas and draft the contract to avoid such problems. We draft many different types of business contracts, including contracts relating to the buying and selling of businesses, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements and contracts for the sale of goods. We also review commercial leases and assist with general contracts and business advice.


While many businesses never think to hire a lawyer until they have a legal problem, the time to hire your business lawyer is before your business runs into trouble. It is much easier and more cost effective to prevent a law suit than to litigate it.


If you’re a landlord and are having trouble with a tenant, it’s important you hire an attorney to handle this sometimes complicated legal process. By hiring an attorney you will eliminate all the worries of the legal process and get the peace of mind in knowing that your case is being handled by a competent, experienced professional. The Grover Law Firm handles evictions throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan area.

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First Step to Buying and Selling a Business

Some of the most important decisions in buying or selling a business are made in the early stages that affect the entire merger and acquisition process. This initial buying or selling process includes the amount and form of the purchase price, the net financial benefit to the seller and buyer, and the timing of the closing. Both buying and selling parties would benefit from hiring a professional advisor such as an attorney, a tax accountant and a banker/broker.

Free Ticket Quote

If you get a speeding ticket, you are likely to get slapped with a hefty fine, points on your license and a possible increase on your auto insurance premium. Grover Law provides free quotes for traffic tickets.

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Free Case Evaluation

We offer a free case evaluation to help you determine whether a lawsuit should be filed. Any information which you provide to our law firm when completing the online evaluation form is treated as strictly confidential.

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DWI and DUI Attorney

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI (Kansas) or DWI (Missouri), it is in your best interest to contact an experienced DWI or DUI attorney immediately. Being charged with a DUI/DWI can have a severe impact on your life.

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