Why Hire an Accident Attorney?


An attorney is trained to investigate and evaluate the facts of your accident and to put an appropriate value on your claim. At the Grover Law Firm, our years of experience will help you get what you deserve. We will tell you what your claim is worth and lead you through every step of the complex and detailed legal process without leaving you wondering what to do next.

Insurance companies are not on your side

If you are involved in a car accident where you sustain Personal Injury, the Grover Law Firm can help you recover losses by negotiating with insurance claims adjustors and, if necessary taking your case to court. While you may choose to negotiate with an insurance claims adjustor yourself, remember that claims adjustors are trained to settle your claim for as little money as possible. Also, once you accept money from an insurance company, your claim is settled and there is little that can be done at that point to recover more money if your injuries are more extensive than you originally thought.

Keep in mind that insurance claims adjustor’s record conversations and try to establish liability and limit damages. At the Grover Law Firm, we’re experienced in negotiating with insurance companies and can help you avoid financially painful mistakes. Individuals who utilize a car accident lawyer typically receive higher settlements than people who negotiate their own claims - even after paying legal expenses.

Protect your rights

It is important to contact an attorney soon after your auto accident so we can speak to your insurance company on your behalf, protect your rights, and inform you of the options you have to receive the money entitled to you for your damages and/or injuries. Also, you may need money to pay medical bills and cover lost wages - the sooner you contact us, the sooner you can financially recover from your car accident. Contacting an attorney after an accident will also help you avoid missing out on just compensation due to statutes of limitations, or deadlines (which vary from state to state), that prevent you from making a claim.

Experience assessing claims

We are experienced with cases like yours and can tell you at the outset whether it is worth your while to pursue legal action. If you are unlikely to prevail, you will not need to incur the time and expense of preparing for litigation.

Experience with Insurance Companies

We are also used to working with insurance companies and will not be confused by their tactics or feel pressured to settle for an unsatisfactory amount.

Red Tape

We can work through the maze of paperwork necessary to resolve your claim so that you can get on with your life.

Investigative Team

At the Grover Law Firm, we will use our experience to fully investigate the technical aspects of your case.


An attorney can be more objective about your case than you can and will not make a rash decision. Whereas you may be tempted, for instance, to go for a quick payout, we may counsel you that it is in your best interests to wait for a more appropriate offer.

Best settlements

We work diligently to reach the best settlements for our clients as early in the litigation process as possible.

Free Ticket Quote

If you get a speeding ticket, you are likely to get slapped with a hefty fine, points on your license and a possible increase on your auto insurance premium. Grover Law provides free quotes for traffic tickets.

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Free Case Evaluation

We offer a free case evaluation to help you determine whether a lawsuit should be filed. Any information which you provide to our law firm when completing the online evaluation form is treated as strictly confidential.

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DWI and DUI Attorney

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI (Kansas) or DWI (Missouri), it is in your best interest to contact an experienced DWI or DUI attorney immediately. Being charged with a DUI/DWI can have a severe impact on your life.

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